We build and execute customized campaigns for
clients at all levels of sport.

Why Thom Partners?


From consultation to execution, we are a one-stop solution for your sports marketing needs. We specialize in community hockey arena advertising and we’d love to show you why community hockey rinks across the country are professional out-of-home advertising spaces.  We are the leading and most experienced company in our field, with the resume to prove it.


What’s the Team Strategy? 


Thom Partners has developed the community sports marketing landscape into a professional out-of-home advertising space.  Through years of experience we have built relationships with arenas across Canada and have a rich knowledge of the communities and rinks that make up this beautiful country.  These communities are part of our team too!


We regularly work with advertising agencies, helping you achieve and exceed your goals for your clients.  We also work with companies directly.  We pride ourselves on working with integrity and we value the relationships that we create along the way.


A ton of our work is in the world of community hockey, HOWEVER, ask us about soccer!  As one of the fastest growing sports in the country, we’ve got many ways to get you in the game.  Ask us about curling!  Post 2018 Olympic curling is gaining more and more interest in Canada.  Want to be involved with community hockey AND leverage it at the CHL or NHL level??  We can get you there too.


Let’s talk about your best play and our team will make it happen!


Our Experience is Unmatched

When it comes to community hockey arena advertising, our combination of experience, knowledge and established connections in Canada are unparalleled.  We’re a well seasoned team ready to help you!

Offering almost 30 years of industry knowledge and established relationships, we build successful advertising campaigns in hockey arenas, soccer fields, curling clubs and professional sporting event spaces Canada-wide.

Thom Partners maximizes your time and budget by managing your campaign from start to finish. We ensure your brand or your client is successfully spotlighted in local regions or multiple markets across the country depending on your objectives and reach.