We can connect your brand with the community

The Grassroots Advantage

Local organized sports in Canada provide the foundation for skill development, interest, long term participation and physical health.

Research has shown that increasing physical activity and participating in team sports can have many benefits, especially for children, such as building confidence, promoting a healthy lifestyle and the development of physical, mental,
social and emotional skills.

Create Brand Loyalty

Parents, grandparents, coaches and players become very loyal to and appreciative of sponsors associated with their sport…not only because of the connection between the sponsor and the sport that they love, but also because they know that when a company sponsors a team or an event, it helps their family directly, by keeping costs down.

Some interesting information on grassroots sports participation and sponsorship in Canada:

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What Can You Achieve Through a Grassroots
Marketing Program?

A Community Connection

Our expertise in grassroots advertising will bring your brand to the community level to reach the families where
your brand matters.

A Trusted Brand

Your brand will be trusted by families due to your generous support of their community team. Your brand provided the support for their children to learn, grow and be active.

A Large Impact

Your brand will resonate with each family impacted by your sponsorship, when faced with their next purchase decision.

Sponsorship at the Grassroots Level

Basketball, soccer, hockey, figure skating, curling – sponsorship of sports at the grass roots level allows our clients to connect directly with the community in a meaningful and rewarding way.

We utilize our experience and knowledge to research, identify and select the most appropriate grassroots program(s) in Canada to connect your brand with.

We can execute a program that is unique and that gets you where you need to be by targeting the demographic that you want to reach, when you want to reach them.

If there is a particular area (demographic or geographic) that requires additional marketing, we can put emphasis on that as part of an overall campaign. We can also accommodate campaigns that extend to the United States.

The Canadian Grassroots Landscape

700,000 registered hockey players

2,500 indoor ice rinks

710,000 curlers

1,000 curling facilities

850,000 soccer players

1,500 soccer clubs

6 million people lace up skates each year

1,150 figure skating clubs

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