The phrase “dwell time” can mean a variety of things, depending on the context and who you’re speaking with. To a transportation specialist, this metric refers to the amount of time a bus or vehicle is stuck in traffic, and someone managing SEO might study the amount of time people spend on certain ads or pages. But in the world of hockey arena advertising, dwell time is the term used to describe the amount of time players, staff, parents, and ticket holders spend in the arena.

So Much Idle Time

Think about the atmosphere inside almost any hockey arena around the world. It doesn’t change much from place to place! You have families waiting outside rinks for their children to finish their post-game equipment ritual, spectators watching games, visitors hanging out by the canteen, groups meeting up in the main lobby, and the flood of people standing around warming up during intermission.

This translates into a significant amount of dwell time seen in hockey arenas and other sporting venues everywhere. Parents and families who are supporters of a certain team or have children playing organized hockey in local arenas spend hundreds of hours in arenas every year. These are hours of time spent walking around, waiting, and cheering on their children, all within the same venue.

How Can Hockey Arena Advertising Leverage This Dwell Time?

When advertisers are creating their newest ads, they want to make sure they create attractive designs that will not only get people’s attention but also maintain their attention. In the case of hockey families and arena visitors, they spend so much time waiting around that giving them engaging content can enable them to get a strategic break from the hockey-parent routine.

Game after game, weekend after weekend, the same people will be viewing your creative advertisements and content. Not only will constant exposure embed your brand in their minds, but if done well, hockey arena advertising can become a talking point among family and friends, as well as add an exciting new change to what can be a monotonous arena atmosphere. If you are considering hockey arena advertising, think about the type of content you would like to have around you while you are spending night after night in the arena. Get creative and put yourselves in the shoes of all the hockey parents out there with a lot of dwell time on their hands.