Yokohama Tire Canada
Case Study: “Team Sponsorship Campaign”

Generate awareness of Yokohama Tire Canada brand at the community level.

Create a team sponsorship program for Yokohama Tire Canada strategically aligned to Yokohama dealer target markets. This strategy allowed for Yokohama to further strengthen their soccer strategy by developing relationships across Canada between dealers and Yokohama communities.

What Thom Partners Delivered:

  • Researched available soccer associations within the targeted dealership communities across Canada.
  • Negotiated, managed and executed the team sponsorship process across Canada with various associations. This involved on a per team basis : logo on jersey, website exposure, direct email content, tournament opportunities, social media exposure, additional signage and photo proof.
  • Thom Partners assisted in executing a team sponsorship photo contest for sponsored teams.
  • This campaign provided a foundation for Yokohama dealers to strengthen their relationship with their local soccer association and in turn their community.

Yokohama Team Sponsorship

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