Case Study: “SickKids VS Campaign ”


To raise awareness of need for monthly donors surrounding hospital.


Developed a multi tiered hockey strategy, executing a base digital in arena media campaign in surrounding markets, with a pin pointed 1 month domination in a selected market. Customized media campaign at the community and CHL level. Key messaging to “hit home” by showcasing kids who attend SickKids from this market to generate donors.

What THOM Partners Delivered:

  • Ran SickKids advertisement on over 55 screens in selected target markets surrounding SickKids hospital as a base campaign.
  • Developed a 1 month take-over strategy at the community hockey level in a selected market, which included:
    • Placing 1 free standing display per community arena lobby.
    • 1 Rink board per ice pad per community arena.
    • Arranged and managed a CHL Game Night, to generate greater reach within the community. Handed out thunder sticks, showed SickKids advertising content, PA announcements and donation opportunities.

In Total, We Delivered

Digital Screens

Digital Screen Occasions

Concise Message