Telus #EndBullying Campaign

#EndBullying Campaign

Telus Case Study: “#EndBullying Campaign” Challenge: To raise awareness of #EndBullying initiative, and encourage players and parents to sign the pledge. Solution: Developed a fully integrated hockey program including team sponsorship, association relationships and communication, as well as in arena media. This strategy provide a full take over of target markets in the hockey environment. What THOM Partners Delivered: Extensive research on association alignment for team sponsorship program, executing Telus branding on 80+ teams. Integration of #EndBullying patches on arms of sponsored teams. Multi tiered in arena media strategy including pull up banners and rink boards in 26 markets. All assets were strategically aligned to create a strong campaign in each market. For example: In arena media was placed in the arenas where the sponsored teams were playing. In Total, We Delivered Sponsored Teams Media Placements Concise...
Dynamic Tire  Ice Pad Sponsorship

Dynamic Tire
Ice Pad Sponsorship

Dynamic Tire Case Study: “Ice Pad Sponsorship” Challenge: Dynamic Tire wanted to make an impact at the grassroots level of hockey in an important target market for their brand. Solution: Develop a full take over approach in one the busiest and best arenas in their target market, through an ice pad sponsorship. What Thom Partners Delivered: Thom Partners managed all logistics in regards to production and execution of the ice pad sponsorship. This involved building a relationship and coordinating logistics with the arena and the city Met all requirements for execution such as insurance, regulations, space negotiations and restrictions. Gathered all creative specs required for each asset included. Managed all approvals for specs and proofs. Managed the production process, shipping, installation and final photo proof of each...
Yokohama Tire Canada Connecting with the Community

Yokohama Tire Canada
Connecting with the Community

Yokohama Tire Canada Case Study: “Team Sponsorship Campaign” Challenge: Generate awareness of Yokohama Tire Canada brand at the community level. Solution: Create a team sponsorship program for Yokohama Tire Canada strategically aligned to Yokohama dealer target markets. This strategy allowed for Yokohama to further strengthen their soccer strategy by developing relationships across Canada between dealers and Yokohama communities. What Thom Partners Delivered: Researched available soccer associations within the targeted dealership communities across Canada. Negotiated, managed and executed the team sponsorship process across Canada with various associations. This involved on a per team basis : logo on jersey, website exposure, direct email content, tournament opportunities, social media exposure, additional signage and photo proof. Thom Partners assisted in executing a team sponsorship photo contest for sponsored teams. This campaign provided a foundation for Yokohama dealers to strengthen their relationship with their local soccer association and in turn their community. Yokohama Team Sponsorship Associations Across Canada Teams Sponsored Yokohama Branded...
Telus MJHL Partnership

MJHL Partnership

Telus Case Study: “MJHL Partnership” Challenge: To engage with community members to generate leads and raise awareness of dealer accessibility. Solution: Managed and executed Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL) partnership to engage with consumers at all levels of communication (OOH Media, Social Media Integrated, Digital Media, Game Night Dealer Interaction). What THOM Partners Delivered: Managed execution of over 10 game nights, aligning dealers with MJHL team associations to ensure the most optimal game night experience to generate leads within community. Executed and managed communication through MJHL partnership including social media channels and team communication to membership . Managed LED signage in all MJHL arenas, generating additional exposure and integration into each MJHL community. In Total, We Delivered MJHL Game Nights LED Signage Placements Impressions in Additional Value and...
SickKids  SickKids VS Campaign

SickKids VS Campaign

SickKids Case Study: “SickKids VS Campaign ” Challenge: To raise awareness of need for monthly donors surrounding hospital. Solution: Developed a multi tiered hockey strategy, executing a base digital in arena media campaign in surrounding markets, with a pin pointed 1 month domination in a selected market. Customized media campaign at the community and CHL level. Key messaging to “hit home” by showcasing kids who attend SickKids from this market to generate donors. What THOM Partners Delivered: Ran SickKids advertisement on over 55 screens in selected target markets surrounding SickKids hospital as a base campaign. Developed a 1 month take-over strategy at the community hockey level in a selected market, which included: Placing 1 free standing display per community arena lobby. 1 Rink board per ice pad per community arena. Arranged and managed a CHL Game Night, to generate greater reach within the community. Handed out thunder sticks, showed SickKids advertising content, PA announcements and donation opportunities. In Total, We Delivered Digital Screens Digital Screen Occasions Concise...