An estimated 2 million people celebrated the Raptors’ NBA Championship title in Toronto during a parade in June. Many more people celebrated across Canada, as Raptors mania seemed to sweep the nation.

Many of the people cheering on this professional squad have been fans for years. Some people may not have cared much about basketball before, but they’ll have a lifelong passion for the sport now. One thing is for sure: this historic win has put basketball in the Canadian sports limelight. With it, grassroots basketball programs can expect a surge in interest, and they’ll need sponsorship to help them manage the demand.

A Growing Fanbase

It’s taken almost a quarter-century for the Toronto team to win the title, but the Raptors are still a young franchise. The NBA and basketball don’t have the extensive fanbase that some other sports have.

That said, it’s easy to see basketball’s fanbase is growing in Toronto and beyond. This historic win has done plenty to increase visibility and interest in the sport.

For some Canadians, basketball has always been part of their lives. Many young people have grown up watching basketball played in Canada’s biggest city. For some, basketball is part of their cherished family memories. Whether it’s watching at home or having a parent take them to the game, basketball is a shared experience.

From Fans to Players

Watching their sports heroes no doubt inspires young people to test their skills. When they’re dribbling down the court, they can imagine themselves under the lights of an NBA stadium.

Of course, only a handful of talented players make it to the big leagues. Those that do make it need support every step of the way. That support comes from parents, grassroots leagues, and sponsors.

Even those who aren’t heading to the NBA can enjoy grassroots basketball and other youth sports. Positive experiences playing basketball during youth can create a healthy, lifelong habit. Grassroots sports provide a foundation that keeps kids moving well into adulthood.

There are other benefits to joining a basketball league or attending a camp too. Some participants make lifelong friendships. Valuable skills like leadership are learned both on and off the court.

Sponsorship Makes Sports Accessible

There are several challenges to getting Canadian kids involved in sports. One of the biggest is making sure they have the chance to play. For many children and their parents, basketball and other sports are too expensive. Programs may not exist in their community, and playing space might be scarce.

Sponsorship can change that. When a sponsor supports grassroots basketball programs, more kids can take part.

It’s also an amazing opportunity to connect sponsors, parents, and community organizers. Grassroots sports help build thriving communities that give back. People support the businesses that give to their children and sports programs.

Creating Space to Play

Canadian interest in basketball has never been higher. You can expect to see a surge of demand in the coming months. More kids may choose basketball for a summer sports camp or an after-school activity. To accommodate this, some programs will expand, and new ones will crop up too.

All these programs need support from parents, community organizers, and sponsors like you. Some may need support to find equipment or to rent space to play. Other programs may need funding to renovate a court or to build a new one in their community.

Support Your Community Now

To find out more about how you can get involved with grassroots basketball programs, get in touch with us. We’ll help you find the right opportunities to help build both your business and your community.