If there is one thing that we Canadians love more than our beautiful country, it’s community sport. And when it comes to sports, nothing brings people together better than hockey. As the action on the hockey rink intensifies, the aahs and oohs are palpable while dozens, hundreds, or even millions watch yet another scintillating game of hockey.

Now, imagine having your company’s ad prominently displayed on the rinkboards. While the audience’s attention may be focused on the puck and the players, they will never forget your ad if it’s strategically placed to coincide with just the right epic moments of the game.

To maximize your rinkboard ad exposure and increase its impact during community and professional hockey games, you should consider securing the services of a sports marketing agency. Here’s why.

Market on All Sports Levels

The beauty of using a sports marketing agency to execute your rinkboard advertising is that they help you market on multiple sports levels. Your brand can be prominently displayed in community arenas, as well as on professional NHL rinkboards. This gives your brand both local, national, and even international exposure.

Customized Solutions

By letting a sports marketing agency spearhead your rinkboard advertising campaigns, you get customized solutions that are specifically tailored to meet your marketing goals. It’s not a one-size-fits-all package but, instead, a marketing solution that speaks to the exact needs of your brand. Your arena advertising campaign is customized to respond to your demographic targets, location, media type, and timing.

The result is that your brand becomes instantly recognizable in a unique and compelling way.

Timely Install and Photo Proof

With rinkboard advertising, timing is everything. You want your campaign to run at just the right time, both within the peak hockey season and your best advertising period. It should also be concentrated near the areas that are likely to attract the most action to maximize your brand’s exposure, and this is where Thom Partners comes in. We professionally install your ads on the rinkboards and send you photo proof of the exact locations your ads are featured.

Ad Maintenance

A sports marketing agency maintains and replaces your ads to keep them looking sharp. You don’t have to worry about the physical state of multiple ads —no matter how many pucks hit them. Your ads can be removed professionally and promptly after the campaign and replaced throughout your campaign if need be, without you having to keep tabs on each one!  We take care of that.

Rinkboard advertising is an effective high-impact marketing strategy. Executed professionally, it has the potential to take your brand to your target audience and beyond.