Best Western Hotels
Case Study: “Fun on the Road”

Created a unique non exclusive partnership with 12 minor hockey associations across Canada to provide the foundation for Best Western to develop and build on their relationships with minor hockey.

Utilise our experience and expertise in the arena advertising marketplace to locate strategic rural markets and place rinkboards in the most effective local hockey arena.

What Thom Partners Delivered:

  • Developed “ Best Western Fun on the Road”. A photo and story contest for minor hockey teams across Canada to enter for the chance to become Team of the Month and win $1,000 of Best Western Travel Cards, per month for 5 months. The Best Western travel cards were to be used for team travel, fundraising or for personal use for each player.

Partnership with Minor Hockey Associations

  • Researched the minor hockey landscape in Canada, and strategically aligned Best Western with partnerships with minor hockey associations in relation to Best Western’s target hotel locations across the country.
  • Managed the relationships between minor hockey associations and Best Western.
  • Actively provided Best Western with opportunities to reach minor hockey members through their relationship with partnered minor hockey associations, through website advertising, social media channels, newsletters, print magazines, information packages, event branding etc.

Development of Best Western Fun on the Road Contest

  • Developed and provided consultation to Best Western in regards to minor hockey and fit with Best Western Fun on the Road contest.
  • Assisted with content to distribute to each minor hockey associations, which was then passed through their channels to their hockey membership.

Website Campaign to Promote Contest

  • Provided full consultation and managed an online campaign reaching minor hockey websites across Canada to increase awareness and entries to the contest.