Sponsorship & Advertising Within All Levels of Sport


Thom Partners can get your brand involved with any sport.  Sponsorship is an effective way to connect your brand into the sports atmosphere from the community level to the professional level. Thom Partners will work with you to determine where your brand would be the most effective and inform you of what sponsorship opportunities are available, based on your goals and objectives. As a collective team, we can develop a custom sponsorship program, unique to your brand, providing you with the most fitting campaign.

Sponsorship at the Community Level

A Community Connection

Our expertise in grassroots advertising will bring your brand to the community level to reach the families where
your brand matters.

A Trusted Brand

Your brand will be trusted by families due to your generous support of their community team. Your brand provided the support for their children to learn, grow and be active.

A Large Impact

Your brand will resonate with each family impacted by your sponsorship, when faced with their next purchase decision.

Sponsorship at Higher Levels of Sport

Brand Recognition

Your brand will be recognized and associated with your sport of choice.



National Impressions

Sponsoring major sporting events allow for your brand to be showcased through TV, radio and digital media sources that promote and broadcast the event.



Often included in sponsorship of major sporting events is hospitality, a great way to entertain, enjoy the event and to be directly infused into your
sponsorship program.

We can help you to sponsor events at all levels of any sport, ask us how!

From sponsoring community sports teams in your communities, to developing a strong sport sponsorship on the national stage,
Thom Partners can get you there!