Welch’s Fruit Snacks
Case Study: “The Edge In Snacks”

Increase awareness of Welch’s Fruit Snacks around retail locations.

Provided a two tiered strategy including high impact graphics, rinkboards and freestanding displays. Each arena was selected based on proximity to Costco locations (large retailer).

What Thom Partners Delivered:

  • “A” Strategy – 11 arena locations with 3M high impact graphic. Located in lobby or high traffic area.
  • “B” Strategy – 16 arena locations with one free standing display in the lobby or high traffic area and one rinkboard.Strategy provides a two touch point approach to arena visitors.
  • Each arena location is strategically aligned with Costco locations.

In Total, We Delivered

Arenas with 3M high Impact Graphic

Arenas with 1 Free Standing Display

Arenas Strategically Aligned with Costco