Do you want your brand immortalized in some of the greatest, most poignant hockey moments, both big and small? You should be thinking about rinkboard advertising as a way to gain brand awareness. This is one of the most effective advertising strategies that assures brand visibility and impact.

Be at the Centre of the Action of Professional Ice Sports

With rinkboard advertising at the professional level, you get to feature your brand at the centre of the action. Imagine thousands of eyes peeled on one area of the rink where serious action is taking place. Now imagine your logo splashed across the rinkboard as a stray hockey puck smashes into it. Everyone following the puck will get an exciting glimpse of your brand.

One thing you can be sure of is fans will not be forgetting that poignant moment any time soon, and your brand will be burned into their minds for a long time.

Rink board advertising places your brand at the centre of the action. Some hockey games attract massive coverage from both the mainstream media and social media. One game could end up being viewed by tens of thousands of viewers from across the nation and beyond. You can, therefore, get extended brand exposure with rinkboard advertising.

Be on the Backdrop of Family Moments

Professional rinkboard ads aren’t your only option. A more affordable and impactful option may be to purchase in arena advertising at the grassroots level.

For most communities, sports bring everyone together. Community hockey games are especially popular in Canada. The competition between the various teams and the excitement among the fans is intense, and everyone is primed for the action.

You’ll still be on the backdrop of epic moments, but these moments will be more intimate—a toddler first learning to skate, a child scoring his first goal, a teenager getting his first hat-trick.

With your ads on the backdrop, fans, parents, grandparents, friends, and the players themselves won’t soon forget your brand. Instead, they’ll likely think fondly of your brand for years to come due to the positive association.

Besides, these events are held within your local community, which means your ad gets targeted down to your desired audience. Talk about ad impact!

With rink side advertising, you get strategic ad placement since it is emphatically located at ice level and directly across the seating area. It is a highly effective advertising approach compared to other types of ads.