There were many disappointed fans and players in Canada this month as Canada’s Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) announced it was shutting down on May 1, 2019, due to financial issues. The CWHL has played a significant role in the world of sports in the country for over a decade, and many fans, women, and young girls were sad to see it come to an end so abruptly.

The news was considered a significant blow to women’s hockey in the country—a sport that already struggles to stay in the headlines. This news has also led many to wonder, what’s the state of women’s hockey in Canada?

There’s Hope to Come

Fortunately, the US National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) will be expanding into Canada next season to offer Canadian players a place to play. The plan is to first establish teams in the country’s biggest cities, Toronto and Montreal. The NHL has also committed to increase its financial backing to the NWHL.

While the CWHL’s folding was shocking and disappointing to all, the NWHL is helping to advance the game at all levels, while ensuring female hockey players have a professional league to enter in the future.

Young Girls’ Hockey Programs Still Going Strong

While there have no doubt been struggles at the professional level, young girls in Canada are still excited and eager to join girls’ hockey programs. Every year, young girls across the nation are signing up and lacing up to play the game. In fact, a growing number of girls are joining every season.

This can only give hope to those who are wondering about the state of women’s and girls’ hockey in Canada.

A Great Sponsorship Opportunity

Girls’ hockey programs are holding strong and seeing increased numbers, and they offer a great sponsorship opportunity for companies looking to increase their brand awareness while supporting girls’ hockey in their local communities.

By sponsoring a young girls’ team, you can get into the hearts of families where your brand matters. It’s a great opportunity to gain the trust of your local community due to the generous support of your community team.

You can also consider sponsoring a team at a higher level of sport to increase brand recognition and make a national impression. Either way, you’ll be supporting women and girls’ hockey in Canada.

Where do you think women’s hockey is headed in Canada? Will it continue to struggle or gain more momentum over time?