We build and execute customized campaigns for
clients at all levels of sport.

Why Thom Partners?


From consultation to execution, we are a one-stop solution for all your sports marketing needs, specializing in arena advertising, professional and community sponsorships, custom sports experiences, and sports marketing consulting.  We are the leading and most experienced company in our field, with the resume to prove it.


Our Experience is Unmatched

When it comes to community arena advertising, our combination of experience, knowledge and established connections in Canada are unparalleled.

Offering 27+ years of industry knowledge and established relationships, we build successful sports marketing campaigns in various sports arenas and event spaces. Thom Partners maximizes your time and budget by managing your campaign from start to finish. We ensure your brand is successfully spotlighted in local regions or multiple markets across the country.

Experts in Grassroots Sports Marketing


Thom Partners has developed the community sports marketing landscape into a professional Out-Of-Home advertising space. At this level, our clients have the opportunity to engage consumers in a unique and intimate way. Our expertise in community arena advertising connects your brand to the heart of the community, creating distinct, memorable branding experiences to achieve your goals and objectives.

Our Story